Listen to your Own Heart Song

 You have your own melody.  You are an individual.  Your mind is the only thinker and you make choices in what comes from those thoughts every moment of your life.  

Your emotions, are your emotions, they may be influenced by others just as your thoughts are, but you are the only thinker and you are the only feeler.   You make the final choice in all things. Your feelings can be influenced by others or as I know your heart can be influenced from the higher place, that inner voice that moves you to love. 

Everything that happens in your life, comes from choices you make, influenced by others or not.  The choices you make are yours.  This is what I am talking about.  You are One Power, you move your life.  You may choose to listen to others or be influenced by others but you are the one who makes the choices.  Ah yes, you may blame others for your life and how it turns out, but ultimately you are the one who makes the choices that lead you to point A or B.

Living in the Ghetto, growing up abused, unwanted and living around misery.  I could have chosen to take on the patterns of those around me.  I could have chosen to take drugs.  I could have chosen to be angry and resentful.  If I would have chosen those instead of the life or attitude that I chose, I would not be here writing this book now, actually I would not be here now.  For I had a pain so deep I would have or could have turned to drugs or alcohol to escape my pain. 

 I could have dwelled on the misery of my childhood and let the wounds of it guide me longer than it did.  I could have been one who wallowed in her misery for years using my pain for attention, wearing it as a badge for sympathy. There was a time when I did carry this pain.  This painful badge created for me, as long as I carried it, a life of self martyrdom and sadness.

The negative life experiences that I did experience were short lived because I listened to my inner promptings and the positive thoughts and words that came to me both within and without.  I listened to my heart that kept me reaching for love, reaching for a better way.  Knowing that a way was there, the path of Love grew easier and easier once I let go of the painful badge and looked to Love.

 When you listen to your heart and listening to God speaking to you through your heart and in loving emotions, you are led to a better place, a place of love and not a place of destruction.  You let go of the world and all its conditions and follow the melody of your heart which is love.

 When you become strong in your heart, you let go of the judgment programs of the world, and the programs that you have accepted that are controlling. You hear the voice of Love speaking to your heart.  You do not hear it clearly at first but as you continue to make the effort you make greater and greater steps towards love.

It is important to listen to your own heart and be strong in the feelings of Love that speaks to you.  There may come a time when the masses of your community, or world may choose controlling ways or accept controlling ways that are not for the highest good for yourself or for your community.  How you act depends on how strongly you hear the call to Love.

Our history is full of events like this.  There may be one person cornered, surrounded by a group and the mass energy of the group may want to hurt or kill this individual.  It takes a strong heart to stop the mass energy of destruction, it takes a strong heart, ONE who is willing to say Stop and stand up for love.  And many times one strong heart can sway the negative flow of the event.

 There have been times in history when the mass flow was great and the power of positive action of love was slow in growing but ultimately with strength of conviction and with others join in to create positive change, because hearts had to be changed, from fear to love to see positive change is good, ultimately love was able to create a mass to right the injustice caused by the mass controlling energy of destruction.

People must be strong in the voice of love and work hard in not becoming fundamental about anything.  In this strong energy such strong feelings of destruction can easily be ignited.   In times of passion, either political, racial, religious, cultural or any strong feeling can be the cause of destruction.  It takes a strong heart to choose love over passion.

How can one be strong in this?  That one must hear the voice of truth within his heart and let go of the promptings of the mass movement of destruction. This can only be done by having faith in who he is and the love in his heart, in this can he move against the flow of the mass.  Love truly sets you free to be who you really are.

We must listen to the voice of creation (love) and not the voice of destruction.   There is a difference, no matter how positive you may think a movement is or a belief, if that belief causes the destruction of another, or a destruction of a place, or thing in anger and in fear, this is not a positive voice, this is the voice of destruction not the voice of love, love is creation.   Mass movement in anger destroying people, hating people because they are different, in any way shape even idea, is not the voice of love, love nurtures and understands, love sooths, love caresses and love changes gently with wisdom, love understands, love allows.

One voice, one heart moving in love is so sweet even the hardest heart that has been programmed to fear, cannot resist the love that is felt.  Will open ever so slowly but once a heart experiences love will continue to open and one day join in singing their own melody of love.  So sing loudly your song let it be heard, let your love be felt.  There may be many walls and barriers  of conditioning that go against the call of love, between the feelings of love and it may take a while to join in due to these walls, but soon the heart cannot resist and will join in and spread love one heart at a time.

01261_16, Lebanon, 10/1982, LEBANON-10086. A mother peels potatoes retouched_Sonny Fabbri

Let there be Love … We are One Family

01261_16, Lebanon, 10/1982, LEBANON-10086. A mother peels potatoes
retouched_Sonny Fabbri

Many are heavy these days with emotions that pull deep on all levels and are felt in body so strongly that all strength is gone. All laughter seems to be a thing of the past.  All desires numb.

I have noticed that when I feel these emotions that it is because I feel so helpless. I feel what has happen to the world. Where has all the Light gone? Why are these people wanting to kill so many innocent? Why don’t they just put down their guns and remember that they are killing family members,innocent dying and children scared for life.

History repeating itself

I watch the news and I see the people migrating escaping from the horrors of war, the long lines of people crossing the land in mass. I see for the first time how our ancestors must have crossed the land on foot.  I see for the first time how wars have been fought on land miles and miles of land, men on their feet walking to war.  I see for the first time history repeating itself right in front of my eyes.


The difference is that while I watch detached many are suffering, I feel helpless and I feel for them. I wonder why we have borders that keep us from our good? I wonder why there is no balance that created such a flow?

How can one man be so selfish to destroy with out heart many helpless? How many men take up arms without care of who dies for an idea?

I wonder why they do not all work it out to the benefit of all concerned, with talking and council for the best of all, why is there a need for arms, and egos fighting for their right without considering the good of the women and children, the elderly, and feeble.  What gets into mankind to make them not care for anyone but their ideas, and their righteousness?


As I contemplate, and I do alot, I have gone through pure anger, frustration, fear of my safety as well as all those who walk across the land.  I contemplate the solution, recognizing the solution will be found after all the storm of the wars and pain they are feeling.

The solution is so simple that we must recognize we are one family. We must recognize that there must be a way to balance the injustices of the world, the poverty, the needs.

The countries that have education, funds, and know how must recognize the family of man and work with the countries who are having problems, work with them to find a solution where no child should ever be hungry, where they can have a solution for the lack that is felt and experienced.

They must recognize that people who are happy will stay in their country and share their happiness, and welcome strangers.  People only want to go somewhere else because it is safe and they can find a good life. However if they can create a good life in their country and are happy they will choose to stay with their family and life style …

With the world working together to heal the issues that plague each country, there will be peace and harmony. When the world remembers we are family and work together to heal each other to understand each other, and experience each other in Love there will be no issues, no borders, no fears.

With the world finally understanding and accepting each persons Spiritual Beliefs, that too will end all the issues.

All the separation and killing within the religious groups is so sad. Sunni against Shi’ite, and once upon a time Protestant against Catholic, not so long ago we witnessed it in Ireland. How is it that there is so much discord even among the same religion?

When we learn to love one another regardless of religious beliefs, race, sexual preference, financial standing, country, culture, and all the things we use to separate us.  When we finally start to see only the Love in the Heart of the person standing before us, with No separation… we will have Paradise on Earth.

Let everyone see the differences as spice of Life. Let us see that each culture or difference has so much to offer each other.  As we see the Love in the eyes of neighbor, or the new person in town who happens to be from another country, the gratitude in the eyes of a person for a genuine greeting of Love and Respect…  as we see this and feel this we grow in Love and the boundaries disappear.

Let us send Love the Planet and to all our Brothers and Sisters all over the world… Let us send LOVE AND CHOOSE TO MAKE THE CHANGE OF OPEN HEART FAMILYHEART IN HAND