Peter Lehne Interview of Marianna



Interview by Peter Lehne



Marianna, what is your Message?


What I wish to share in my message is the power and presence of Love in ones life. Finding and living that  love in every moment creates a sense of freedom – no it creates freedom.


When one lives in love one is able to overcome all obstacles, to heal ones life, and to experience joy in every moment.


By living in the pure moment of Love, one is able to experience life more fully eliminating stress, and challenges from one’s life.


Which love you mean?


Humm, the love I mean, Yes I guess that is a question that needs to be answered for many misunderstand love, for there are many levels of love, more so on the spiritual path than any, for as one grows so does this experience of love.  Even the understanding of love grows, the word Unconditional takes on greater and greater meaning when one is on the Path of Love, for the levels of love becomes greater and greater with each moment of awareness and in seeking.


So the love that I mean is the Love of the highest order, it is all encompassing, filling one with the greatest joy within self and with all creation.


  The same Jesus and other religious founders are teaching?


 Yes, this love is the love spoken by all religions yet it is the love that many have never been able to experience due to what has been taught by man, in mans attempt to understand this love, many blocks and controlling have been put in the teaching, unconditional love has not been taught, for judgment has been put in the teachings of many religions.


The love that all religious Masters have been making the effort to give man is the free flowing love that is there for all with no conditions, this love is in and around us, this love comes from Source, Creator, the All in All.  This love is free for the asking it is there, starting with self, going out to all creation.  Once one taps into love there are no limitations for one begins to see who they really are, they begin to walk love and love begins to be the constant companion.  Making it easier to love, forgive and experience the many gifts of life rather than the challenges, for when one focuses on love, that is the gift …


So yes it is the same love … we have evolved enough to finally get it.




To live this is not so easy for us.



No, it is not easy for we have been taught by everyone around us from birth to be conditional, to experience love from another, to experience love with expectation of judgment, and criticism, we have been taught to need love from the outside and we have also been taught we are unworthy, by our surrounding life.  We come into the planet experiencing love being love… those who are our earth teachers had forgotten to love and they too learned from their teachers, reaching out for religion, we found judgment and condemnation, separation.


Once we learn to love ourselves as we are, who we are, and make that connection with Higher Power, trusting who we are, trusting the love that is there for all, we then move into … being Love in every moment.


When a challenge comes we seek the answer without judgment, knowing and trusting that the challenge is leading also to being free in self and walking love in every moment. Such it is and shall be.


It becomes easier also once we let go of our conditioned belief in judgment… and are willing to love no matter what and to forgive … for in reality … the truth is … we must forgive … for all knows not what they do….this is the wisdom spoken by Christ as he was being crucified … forgive them they know not what they do … walking in automatic pilot of judgment and control … now we are waking up… moving into love… making the choice to love in every moment.

So it is.


Marianna, what is the purpose of your teaching?


The purpose in my teaching is to set people free, to share with people how to be empowered in Love, and not be needy.  How to have a truly joyful life.  How to experience what I call magic in their life.  How to create a truly joyful loving fulfilling life.


There is a spiritual side to my message also for I would not have gotten this gift if I had not connected with the Divine and listened to my inner voice.


My purpose also is to share how to connect with the Power that is Love. I show people how to realize they are loved no matter what and how to receive all the joy and love they desire in their life.

I want people to learn that love is every where.


We can experience the Now Perfect Moment of Love no matter what. One can have joy and happiness in one’s life no matter what.


By releasing the pains of the past, by choosing to live in the Now with Love, letting go of the past and not allowing the past to influence your now in a negative way, one can experience the Divine any moment or every moment of one’s life.




What happen in your workshop?


In the workshop I will share what    I have learned.  I will assist each person there to become aware of love in their life, starting first with self.


I will give techniques that I have learned and used in my life to become aware of the love of self. How to release old patterns of self destruct and how to open to love in every aspect of their lives.


What I enjoy the most is watching and experiencing love and its magic happen in the group as some experience the feeling of love within self for the first time.


I also will assist the group to learn how to experience a loving joyful life in the Now and how to carry that feeling with them in all the experiences of their lives, to live a happier more joyful life in every Now Moment.


What was the crucial experience in your life to bring you to them?


Ah, my life, growing up without love and living around such a negative environment. I had an inner longing to have love in my life. Even as a very young child I knew love was the only way, even when I was surrounded with anything but loving expression.


I listened to the inner voice that led me away from that awful childhood. Yes, I listened and followed the teachings of my heart and that is how I originally found the path: it was a path of faith. That led me to Love the Ultimate Freedom.


I always looked for love, I always asked God that my only desire was to be happy, to love and to serve God by spreading love on the planet.


I know that it was an inner calling, an inner knowing, that led me to this truth.

My great surprise was that I was getting new information. It was my way, what was given to me.


I did not study under gurus. I did not go to therapist. I went to Source and here I am.


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