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Seedling_1My story of being a Medicine Woman came from years of experience with my family and others.  I started my journey at six years old.  Healing has always been a part of me, and it is in me,

     I will say that all my life since I am old enough to remember. I have been healing. I kept my family healthy at first and then passed the knowledge to others whenever I found the calling to use my gifts.

     I started with Herbal healing, then moving to Energy healing, all coming naturally to me by listening to my inner guidance.

My Story

    My exposure to healing came early in my youth.  My grandmother would teach me all about healing as we would work in the garden and tell me her life stories. I sat at her feet many a day to hear her beautiful stories, a life full of victories and healing mysteries.

    She was a midwife in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She was known far and wide, the only medical care for miles.  Most of her clients were the local farmers.  They would come to her home for her healing salves and liniments.

    She created these liniments by the liter and made them for use all year, for arthritis and internal afflictions.  I was too young to understand everything she healed with it, but I know that we took it once a year as a tonic, a few drops on a teaspoon of sugar. Then down it with water. We were never sick.  She also sold it to neighborhood men who would come to the house to buy their liter. She would tell me after they left that he had arthritis or some other ailment.

    She was so successful that no one in the family got sick or needed the doctor; she knew exactly what to do for them.

   You would be surprised to know what we used in our liniment (a healing oil), and today with our modern medicine, we might turn our face from it. I helped grandma make it; we put kerosene as the base; cinnamon and clove oil are a few of her ingredients. We used kerosene a lot. Once, she got a rusty nail in her hand very deep when working in the yard. She told me to quickly get the kerosene so she could put her hand in it. She told me, as she put her finger in it, that it was bleeding profusely; she said to me that when putting her hand in it that she had to squeeze the blood out so the kerosene could get to the germ or she could get lockjaw (tetanus).  She did not EVER get tetanus, and no one in the family either.

   My grandma was 97 when she died. I would say her natural healing certainly kept her healthy. She never went to the doctors or hospital, being her healer with the knowledge of the old from Native American and African healing methods she had learned from her family.

    When Pam was born, I first learned of herbal healing. When she had a colic attack, her stomach was in pain. She was yelling with her discomfort, and I did not know what to do.  My mom was there, and she told me to use mint in some water and give it to her.

    I just so happen to have some mint growing in the yard ( such is my life. It is always available when I need it).

    I went outside and plucked some of the leaves and put them in some hot water to steep.  Then taking a teaspoon out, allowing it to cool, I gave it to my young baby (she was about two months old). Instantly, she was feeling better.

    I was amazed at this quick recovery.

   Years later, I went to visit a friend in Oregon.  We enjoyed walking in the woods discovering all the wild berries that were there for us just for the plucking.  I wanted the bright red raspberries that were everywhere, not like the thorns, but around we went, wild raspberries.  I thought to myself how wonderful that God has planted all these fruits for us to enjoy.  Pam and I picked as many as we could and bought them in the house for us to eat.

    One morning Angelo, my baby at the time, who was about 2, had an awful stomach ache he was throwing up and bent over with pain.  I grabbed my book,  which I bought with me, Back to Eden, the book of my current learning or attention.  I searched through it for tummy aches and nausea, looking to see if they mentioned anything that I could get or had available what did I find, RASPBERRIES. I went into the kitchen, got some berries out of the fridge, squeezed them, and added them to water.  I gave this to Angelo, and in no time, his stomach ache was gone.

    While reading this book, I became aware of all the weeds he had mentioned as healing herbs, dandelion, chickweed common weeds that were everywhere and were there for us to use as healing.,

    After returning home to California, I walked in deep thought, thinking of all the herbs growing wild; all anyone needed was growing everywhere.  My inner guidance told me that all we needed for healing grows outside wild.   I was told that if there was a catastrophe, what good would the vitamins in the bottle be for us for healing? This thought came because I, at that time, used vitamins for healing.  Real healing was free and readily available.

    I knew then that I needed to stop buying vitamins ( I was a vitamin freak, I had almost every vitamin available, I had one shelf in my cabinet full of vitamins). I  then stopped my searching for vitamins as a cure and began my study of herbs and teas.

    In my journey as Medicine Woman, I have learned that there are all things added to healing.

  • Energy
  • Voice
  • Song
  • Dance
  • Cooking with Love

And most of all

I have simplified

  • Raw Honey
  • Garlic
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Black Seed Oil

These wonders are my healing tools that are most used

I Celebrate my gifts of Healing and Tools by sharing with You.

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