Celebrate Life Fully


being aware of who you are is so important,

what you are, who you are NOW.

It is wonderful to accept self, LOVE SELF as you are NOW,

the seed does not judge itself for being a seed,

it CELEBRATES its beingness, as it is becoming ...


we must stop judging or measuring ourselves to the image of another,

for in so doing we never feel good enough,

Great enough and truly, never truly, accept who we are,

for in the NOW we are not who we are fully

we are in every moment becoming and in us the seed of that becoming is AWESOME and being who we are in whatever stage is AWESOME ...

the seed,

the sapling,

 the sprout,

whatever it is,

we are becoming and are one with the Universe ...




for does a child who falls when learning to walk...

is it weak,

no it is learning






Celebrate Life with Love, Laughter, and Gratitude


seedling group    

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A Call to Celebrate

What music am I choosing to hear as life presents itself?

Joyful Song or one of pain and sorrow


Moves joyfully


energy becomes one of effortlessness

as in one dancing or making love

Where one feels pain in one moment of existing

in the next of joyful expression

there is that which is painlessness

for the body is filled with the soulful energy of what wants to be expressed

As soon as the music stops


when one is on the way home ,

back to normal stance ...

then said pain returns sometimes with a vengeance

Why say... It is because the body shouts with its anger of losing those moments of joyful expression and movement, knowing it is on its way back to the same dreadful boring life , preparing to shutdown ...

hence the older one gets and the older that one accepts said program of aging,

the disease of shutting life down...

So it is that the pain grows and less movement in an abandoned joy is recreated

Yes the youth celebrates continually


Only to slowdown to the program of society

So it is with all

In the celebration comes the re - igniting ...

the re freeing ...

the remembering who one really is

And through love of self and acceptance, comes the healing of whole being

In the celebration of life fully

is all healing all renewing


All prosperity

for the energy is magnetized and bought to you, effortlessly




So be it

While walking I pointed out to Des the importance of feeling good , choosing to feel good, that I felt people get upset with me because I feel good...

I told him it is a choice I make , I'd rather feel good than feel bad, feeling bad, sad, angry or any of these never serve anyone, causes more pain

Speaking of Pain , the pain is caused from lack of Joy and feeling of anger for not expressing the joy one feels or desires. Pain is also the disappointment and anger of missed opportunities in life, the desire to experience one thing and having to experience another.

The body reflects all our disappointments all our energy drain ... The body is our full announcement to our self and the world what is really going on...the part of us we wish not to see the body does its best to make you aware.. Most of the time even that goes un answered for we have not grown enough spiritually to understand the body's call to love, the body asking for more, the body trying to show the way, the body reminding us that our true nature is JOY and why are not we enjoying life and its gift, why does one move in auto pilot rather than feel. So much the body tries to express to the mind and self that is lost in auto pilot of thinking so much is trying to be expressed to remind one of the life of the child when joy and life moved hand in hand that the only pain was the accident of life when one fell in the attempt to try something new or to expand, this pain is welcomed for in this pain was also the desire to excel and become more...

To be and live more to experience the hearts desire to strive to the highest aspect of what life is.

Yes this is the call to celebrate from the inner circles of the self, the inner calling of the cells the universe within who seeks to express this joy that is known, yet in disappointment of the life experienced and the seizing to cry out and shout its desire to celebrate this wonderful existence, the body shuts down and starts to dormant and decay little by little, the call to life is ignored and the anger is built and only pain exist and less movement, less experience of joy ... And hiding always hiding from the pain that is buried in side...

And finally TOTAL SHUTDOWN...


Listen to that wonderful body universe that shouts


When was the last time you rolled in the grass and felt the joy of the child as one celebrated fully the aspects of that experience so simple yet as time goes by... The rolling becomes autonomic and less joyful... Yes

I see it for I have forgotten REALLY FORGOTTEN that joy that I once felt as I rolled fully laughing, fully enjoying that feeling of ...where did it come from that joy... That joy that came from me as I remember now as I smile now, at the memory of rolling in the grass laughing, laughing and rolling, going no where but sooooooooooo enjoying rolling on the grass...

Ummmm I am going to the park right now...


What is it that you forgot ... Ah look into the child of your being and rejoice ... CELEBRATE...NOW

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Celebrate Your Body

How wonderful our body is. Have you loved your body today? Have you said thank you to your body for being with you through thick and thin? Do you take your body for granted? If you have not no wonderer the body slows down, shows pain creates age. The body wants to celebrate and you are boring it to death.

Celebrate with your Body

Try this for a change, have a Joyful Celebration in the body, with the body. The body is not just cloth that is to be discarded, it is conscious, alive and only creates disease because the body it not being loved, honored and respected, the body is being used as a vehicle that one keeps to clean, to show. Most are keeping it healthy only to be able to use it on earthly journey. Expecting it to be discarded, no wonder the body shuts down and cries in pain.

The body is a universe

The body is a universe, a conscious universe, that through boredom and neglect. Even if one feeds it the "right things" do the "right things" the body shuts down when it is not being loved cherished and honored. Point of reference, the runner who drops with a heart attack who has done all the "right things" and still drops, the person who eats all the right foods out of fear, and takes the right vitamins and still looks like they are unhealthy, although they speak the most flowing words of truth, they sometime look as if they are one foot in the grave. Why? The body is not being loved, and is not feeling joy, not being joyfully used, no wonder the body cries and it is shouting in pain and shutting down. I know I know you are saying I am celebrating, I live on Maui, I have the most wonderful sunsets in the world, I have the most wonderful Ohana, I am celebrating.

If you are complaining

Yes, Yes to all of that. However, if  you are complaining, focusing on what is wrong, judging, everything and everyone, criticizing and constantly telling yourself things like i am in pain, I am tired, I use to be able to, and eating just to eat, If you are doing less, fearing more and you find that you are closing yourself in more, you are not celebrating life. When you wake up in the morning and hear the birds singing, taking that first breath in awareness, are your thoughts on gratitude? Do you wake up in pain? Did you touch that part of your body that cried for love and criticize it, or think i am in pain, or did you send love to that pain, did you touch that pain and tell your body you loved it.

My Journey

This is my journey. When I was divorcing and lived alone in my studio. There was a time when I woke up in pain and felt so much pain all over my body. I then became aware of my body and realized she was complaining to me. I went into a meditation and I felt her love, I had an inner knowing that I had neglected her and had forgotten to live, had forgotten to rejoice and I made a promise to her that I would start living start rejoicing. I knew she was upset because I had stopped dancing, dancing is my greatest pleasure, my greatest joy and we(my body and I) had had many moments of great Joyful Celebration. From that moment on we began our journey of self love and celebration, slowly but surely for I had forgotten how to play. She constantly reminds me when I break my promise and we then begin to play. My every moment now becomes that of so much LIFE that sometimes I have to stand back in awe and wonder.

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Be Aware

Be aware of yourself and your love of self, be aware of how life is feeling to you and how you are feeling to life, be in this love energy at all times feel the energy of love renew you

and feel the energy of love heal you feel the energy of love caress you feel how that energy will change your life Be Grateful for every breath of Life Be Grateful for LOVE

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