We are Vibratory Beings


Have you ever thought that by feeling Love and sending it out that you can heal the planet? Did you know that Love Frequency/Vibration has been proved scientifically? Imagine what mass focus on Love can do for the ills of our planet?

We are ALL LOVE, but many, have forgotten and are not spreading love, getting caught up in the energy/frequency/vibration of fear. That is circling the planet, This energy is being spread by all of us, due to our habits of fear and focus on what is wrong rather than counting our blessings.

What I am speaking to is that all of us must remember and be conscious of LOVE ... each one touching one... hoping that that Love Vibration touches the world...changes the world, one heart at a time... And in this Conscious awareness of Love we can truly change the world, we need mass Love Awareness.

Many are listening to the Anger and Fear Voice and are One in this, look at the world, we see the song and vibration that is being spread,

I was talking with a friend the other day when I realized that energy is none ending. The energy that has circled the earth like a cloud of debris, polluting our emotions, since time began, is FEAR. This energy has slowly been dissipating as we evolve in love on the planet, for it is easy to see how much love is being expressed around the planet, not only to humanity as we reach out to help one another, but also in all kingdoms, that live on our Mother Earth.

We are loving the Animal Kingdom, the Plant, Mineral, Insects, all … we are having a genuine love for Creation. You can see it is also cross linking through species, I love YouTube videos where you see Animals loving each other, Cats loving Dogs, Deer loving dogs, Lions loving Man, it is unlimited the Love Vibration that is crossing all species… maybe no one has noticed but I have seen it, how innocent seals swim up to boats and play with the people. Love is truly in the air.

This is the Love Vibration being spread from the heart and this energy is touching all.

I feel that with our conscious effort to truly FEEL LOVE and sending it out across the planet any time we FEEL IT we will be cleaning that energy cloud of fear (anger, violence, judgement, and all its dark cousins) which has infected humanity and the world since time began.

We can heal the planet, and change hearts with conscious effort of LOVE.

I see the cloud becoming a wonderful clean Light of Love and we can do it.

My intention is for as many as we can to volunteer to BE LOVE, FOCUS ON LOVE, LETTING THAT LOVE VIBRATION CIRCLE THE WORLD and become contagious where the voice of fear, anger, resentment, discord will finally melt away... to the song of LOVE ...IN MASS WE CAN HEAL THE WORLD.. CHOICE

I believe when we complain about the issues of the world, when we fear, focus, complain about things we cannot change, we are adding to the poison vibration…

Let each one walk love in action, thought and uplifting vibrations, becoming strong in love. Let us be ONE in LOVE, awakening the walking sleep who are on auto pilot of fear...

Please watch the videos of scientific truth of the Frequency of Love and research done, please look at the videos of Joy I have posted.

We are Vibratory Beings


Guitar Joy by Lechon Kirb

Love and Honor

As we go through our days we find that little things annoy us.  We find that if we would look inside that those little things are the keys to assist us in looking deeper within at the ways we are not loving ourselves.


The inner battles that we carry on in our daily lives really are the inner struggles waiting to be released.  Have you ever really looked inside and asked why do I allow this?  If so you are on the right tract the key is to continually ask.  The asking is the key to the answer, for if you u do not ask it means that you are unwilling to hear the answer.  It does not mean that when you receive the answer that you will immediately react and clear, it may take some time, yet to know is to heal.


There are many things that we do every day that does not honor us, that sets up patterns of self-degradation.  I find that out of love for another being more than myself, I  tend to stretch immensely for their love and approval.  We make sacrifices in time, in opinions, in values, in effort for them. For their approval denying the value of self.


I’m not saying that you should only care for yourself and no one else.  No. I am saying that you should honor yourself and your opinion, your values, your life, your dreams.  Don’t you know that to honor yourself, I say honor, yet that is a form of love, it is respect for yourself, it is belief in self.


I learned that as I went through my day to day life I saw how much I stretched myself for my family and visitors, how much their comfort and pleasure began to be a burden rather than a pleasure.  I kept asking myself, “How are you not loving yourself?”  And saw that always every move I made, I made with their pleasure in mind.  I started to think how often did I think of myself, never.  I saw that I loved them and their desires more than my own.  I saw that as I did for them I was too tired to do for me, I saw that I was neglecting myself out of love for others.  So in asking and receiving my answer I actually got happy, for I could see how we could receive the answers through living the experience.  Also that when you are loving self you will learn to balance your issues as they arise.  The problem is that most of us complain and blame others, never really seeing that the problem is an issue of not loving self.


If we would just ask WHY the discomfort when we first feel it, we would see that we have not honored our self in some way.  We would find also that we had allowed someone else power over us.  If you, as parent, sister, brother, spouse, of someone would see another taking advantage of a loved one you would be angry and would assist in the correction, yet you would not value yourself enough to make a stand for an injustice to self, you would allow it to go on until you create a block and try to escape.


Do for others as you do for yourself


I am telling all of this to make a point, in your daily life honor yourself by doing for yourself what you would do to those you love.  Aren’t you worth love and honor?  Aren’t you and your opinions worth honor and value?  Isn’t your time valuable and shouldn’t you take a little time to know that person that you are?  If you had met someone and you valued that person wouldn’t you take time to know that person and as you grew to love that person, that person you would accept, that person exactly as they are and through honor and love would assist in their growth?  Why not do that with you?  Get to know yourself, who you really are.  Does not your opinion have value?  Yes, for it is truth to you, as you see it, in the moment and as you should honor and love your teacher, you should honor and love yourself and all that you are.


This is how the cycle of love short circuits because all love given is usually given by one who has conditions on it. The love given is not in pure form for the one giving that love is not loving self and looking for that love from another never acknowledging the value of self.


There is not selfishness in this that I teach for isn’t it pure to love just for the sake of love itself, never forcing another to see you, always allowing everyone to be who they are and not insisting that another become your vision of perfection.  Never putting another above you, always honoring their wisdom and yours, the same for you, too, are the teacher of yourself and all that you meet, none above, all giving, even the babe teaches the parent if one but knew.


Be the pure source of love


To be free you must see how you are not loving yourself and how you are not allowing love in it’s purist form to come to you.  You, be a pure source of love and you will create a pure source of love, you will create a pure nucleus of love, coming from you, going out to all you touch and they in turn shall one day be a pure source of love, because of the boost of love given.


Honor your truth, love your truth.  Honor yourself, love yourself.  Honor and love all that is you.  Think and reflect on that which you are.  Think and reflect on that which you have learned from yourself by listening to yourself and inner guidance, and choices you have made.


In learning to listen to yourself and honoring even the most insignificant part of yourself you will learn to accept who you are and that which is you, never giving the power to anyone else to cause you to not love who you are or what you are.


Again, listen to self, love self, talk to self and by all means start your day with gratitude for who you are, gratitude for being alive. Gratitude for one more day to create the life you desire. Gratitude for the opportunity to change what you desire, and or complete desired goals.  Love and honor self first thing in the morning see how your life changes and all those around you become more at ease because you are loving yourself and not needing so much form them.  You have a lot of love to give and receive.  Have fun receiving your love.  You will never regret it.

DSC_4266, Omo Village, Ethiopia, 8/2013, ETHIOPIA-10231. Two boys walk together. retouched_Kate Daigneault 08/26/13

Our only Job is to Love

To all people all over the world, who practice living Love. I wanted to share what came to me the other day about Love and how important it is to Live Love and share it

God is LOVE…


DSC_4266, Omo Village, Ethiopia, 8/2013, ETHIOPIA-10231. Two boys walk together.
retouched_Kate Daigneault 08/26/13



we are blessed because we know and can feel His Love…

being LOVE we are able to be representatives of His Love, to all we meet, and don’t meet

our only job is to be LOVE… to let God flow through us, touching hearts everywhere, for God is always there,

people feel His Love in the ways they are taught, however isn’t it wonderful to have a Personal relationship with God, and feel that Love always, being love, acting love, and as Conversations With God says, when life confronts us… How would Love act? We are  to act as Love in all things, being Love

my guiding Light, my Source, my everything has been and always will be LOVE …

isn’t it wonderful we can grow in Love, hence Grow in God, for we have more of God flowing through us and we are giving more… and experience more…



and we become more understanding of our brothers and sisters, for we know as our Lord Jesus taught us “forgive them they know not what they do”

for we get to understand exactly what that means… people do not know how to Love, they do not understand Heavenly Father, they keep putting their conditions on Him, creating Him in their image, making Him act as they do,

we smile because we understand , in understanding we can forgive, and we can love them no matter what…

we may not like what they do…yet we know that their acts of anger, is the outcry for Love, their acts of violence is the misunderstanding of love and feeling of unworthiness, seeking and taking the understanding of humanity … which is violent, judgmental, destructive, when their way is not accepted… when they want something… when they want to control … when they want to be right about their beliefs whatever they are…

We understand, we forgive, we send them love, hoping that the love we send will be felt, and the love, that in Mass is sent, will soften the hearts …one by one …and in mass… the misunderstanding will be shifted to LOVE,


I send you all LOVE


Negative Thoughts

What do you do when you have a thought that will not let you go? How do you move from negative thinking?

As we know our thoughts create our reality.  When you think happy thoughts you feel happy and make choices from that place of happiness.  When you are angry you make thoughts accordingly.  Your mood creates your thoughts as well.

How do we change our negative thinking, when we have a cycle of negative emotions to match?

What I have found in my struggle to remain in positive state, I have to be aware when my thoughts and mood changes. Sometimes we have a pattern of listening to thoughts of lack, worries of life and life’s changes.  We worry for our well being and well being of others. When you are religious you may worry that you are not acting in a way that becomes who you think you should be.

When you hold on to resentments there is little that triggers angry moods. What happens is we have fertilized the thoughts of life and have made a pattern of triggers that put us in a place that is not harmonious.  Before you know it you are in a negative state of being at all times.  We become touching and argumentative at little things, for our pain is raw.

What I have learned is that the only way to truly get rid of these nagging pains is to be aware of what you are thinking or your mood swings.  By being aware you get the opportunity to actually go back to the beginning and pluck that weed out before it has time to plant itself deep into your emotional state.

I have recently cured a long standing issue, that seemed to creep into my reality first a whisper then it grows for I start going around and around in thought of that issue.  This program of worry that I have dealt with for years, due to my abandonment issues.  Not to go into details at this moment. Yet I will tell you that the simplicity of the cure is to LET GO OF THE THOUGHT… we really have power to overcome.  We really have power to change our life. With a little help from ourselves  We can actually Nip that weed no matter how deep, the addiction or pain.

Being aware of the issue is the key.  Being aware where it comes from if you can, however you do not need to know where it comes from WE HAVE THE POWER to literally tell it GET OUT OF MY THOUGHTS… Take a deep breath of LOVE until you feel the love … and literally walk away from the thought.

When I was about 14 years old, I had a strong desire to steal some money that was on my foster mom’s table. I felt I deserved it since she worked us all the time and did not give us anything, not even a dime, so I stood there, looking at that money in my righteous anger.

The money called me I was so TEMPTED, the money called me I could not remove my eyes from it, actually I could feel it so strong that I could not move.  Then I heard a voice within me, it said ” walk away from it, you will be stronger for it” I knew the voice was right, I wanted with all my might to be a good person, especially wanting to prove my foster mother wrong, for she always said I was no good and would grow up to be nothing.

Imagine you are being pulled in by a giant spider, with its strong web, or as I always called the force I felt, like taffy and it had a hold on me.  When I heard the guidance, I tried to turn around to walk away as I was guided.  As I tried to turn, the energy was pulling me, both the temptation and a force that did not want to let me turn around.  I literally had to pull myself and a jerk pull to walk away.  I walked away and went about my duties, NEVER to have the desire again.  I was cured by walking away, just as promised.

Walking away from the thought is the same as physically walking away. Letting Go Letting Higher Power take care of it.

For me it is also taking a deep breath of LOVE filling myself with Love energy, before I know it what ever I was thinking or dwelling on in form of Negative Weed Obsessive thinking… it leaves, never to come again, except in AWE when I remember that moments ago, or days ago I was think or feeling a negative idea and emotion that goes with it.

My new discovery is that I can LET GO of any fearful thought, or physical pain, can have almost instant healing as well.

So in this I say to you ” WALK AWAY YOU WILL BE STRONGER” choose to experience the highest feelings of Love, Joy and Happiness.  It truly works