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Love and Honor

As we go through our days we find that little things annoy us.  We find that if we would look inside that those little things are the keys to assist us in looking deeper within at the ways we are not loving ourselves.


The inner battles that we carry on in our daily lives really are the inner struggles waiting to be released.  Have you ever really looked inside and asked why do I allow this?  If so you are on the right tract the key is to continually ask.  The asking is the key to the answer, for if you u do not ask it means that you are unwilling to hear the answer.  It does not mean that when you receive the answer that you will immediately react and clear, it may take some time, yet to know is to heal.


There are many things that we do every day that does not honor us, that sets up patterns of self-degradation.  I find that out of love for another being more than myself, I  tend to stretch immensely for their love and approval.  We make sacrifices in time, in opinions, in values, in effort for them. For their approval denying the value of self.


I’m not saying that you should only care for yourself and no one else.  No. I am saying that you should honor yourself and your opinion, your values, your life, your dreams.  Don’t you know that to honor yourself, I say honor, yet that is a form of love, it is respect for yourself, it is belief in self.


I learned that as I went through my day to day life I saw how much I stretched myself for my family and visitors, how much their comfort and pleasure began to be a burden rather than a pleasure.  I kept asking myself, “How are you not loving yourself?”  And saw that always every move I made, I made with their pleasure in mind.  I started to think how often did I think of myself, never.  I saw that I loved them and their desires more than my own.  I saw that as I did for them I was too tired to do for me, I saw that I was neglecting myself out of love for others.  So in asking and receiving my answer I actually got happy, for I could see how we could receive the answers through living the experience.  Also that when you are loving self you will learn to balance your issues as they arise.  The problem is that most of us complain and blame others, never really seeing that the problem is an issue of not loving self.


If we would just ask WHY the discomfort when we first feel it, we would see that we have not honored our self in some way.  We would find also that we had allowed someone else power over us.  If you, as parent, sister, brother, spouse, of someone would see another taking advantage of a loved one you would be angry and would assist in the correction, yet you would not value yourself enough to make a stand for an injustice to self, you would allow it to go on until you create a block and try to escape.


Do for others as you do for yourself


I am telling all of this to make a point, in your daily life honor yourself by doing for yourself what you would do to those you love.  Aren’t you worth love and honor?  Aren’t you and your opinions worth honor and value?  Isn’t your time valuable and shouldn’t you take a little time to know that person that you are?  If you had met someone and you valued that person wouldn’t you take time to know that person and as you grew to love that person, that person you would accept, that person exactly as they are and through honor and love would assist in their growth?  Why not do that with you?  Get to know yourself, who you really are.  Does not your opinion have value?  Yes, for it is truth to you, as you see it, in the moment and as you should honor and love your teacher, you should honor and love yourself and all that you are.


This is how the cycle of love short circuits because all love given is usually given by one who has conditions on it. The love given is not in pure form for the one giving that love is not loving self and looking for that love from another never acknowledging the value of self.


There is not selfishness in this that I teach for isn’t it pure to love just for the sake of love itself, never forcing another to see you, always allowing everyone to be who they are and not insisting that another become your vision of perfection.  Never putting another above you, always honoring their wisdom and yours, the same for you, too, are the teacher of yourself and all that you meet, none above, all giving, even the babe teaches the parent if one but knew.


Be the pure source of love


To be free you must see how you are not loving yourself and how you are not allowing love in it’s purist form to come to you.  You, be a pure source of love and you will create a pure source of love, you will create a pure nucleus of love, coming from you, going out to all you touch and they in turn shall one day be a pure source of love, because of the boost of love given.


Honor your truth, love your truth.  Honor yourself, love yourself.  Honor and love all that is you.  Think and reflect on that which you are.  Think and reflect on that which you have learned from yourself by listening to yourself and inner guidance, and choices you have made.


In learning to listen to yourself and honoring even the most insignificant part of yourself you will learn to accept who you are and that which is you, never giving the power to anyone else to cause you to not love who you are or what you are.


Again, listen to self, love self, talk to self and by all means start your day with gratitude for who you are, gratitude for being alive. Gratitude for one more day to create the life you desire. Gratitude for the opportunity to change what you desire, and or complete desired goals.  Love and honor self first thing in the morning see how your life changes and all those around you become more at ease because you are loving yourself and not needing so much form them.  You have a lot of love to give and receive.  Have fun receiving your love.  You will never regret it.

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