DSC_4266, Omo Village, Ethiopia, 8/2013, ETHIOPIA-10231. Two boys walk together. retouched_Kate Daigneault 08/26/13

Our only Job is to Love

To all people all over the world, who practice living Love. I wanted to share what came to me the other day about Love and how important it is to Live Love and share it God is LOVE… EVER PRESENT DSC_4266, Omo Village, Ethiopia, 8/2013, ETHIOPIA-10231. Two boys walk together.
retouched_Kate Daigneault 08/26/13 NEARER THAN OUR BREATH, OUR BODY, YES WITHIN AND WITHOUT ALWAYS THERE... we are blessed because we know and can feel His Love... being LOVE we are able to be representatives of His Love, to all we meet, and don't meet our only job is to be LOVE... to let God flow through us, touching hearts everywhere, for God is always there, people feel His Love in the ways they are taught, however isn't it wonderful to have a Personal relationship with God, and feel that Love always, being love, acting love, and as Conversations With God says, when life confronts us... How would Love act? We are  to act as Love in all things, being Love my guiding Light, my Source, my everything has been and always will be LOVE ... isn't it wonderful we can grow in Love, hence Grow in God, for we have more of God flowing through us and we are giving more... and experience more... LOVE/LIFE/JOY/ HAPPINESS/ ++++++ LIFE BECOMES MORE FULL AND FREE and we become more understanding of our brothers and sisters, for we know as our Lord Jesus taught us "forgive them they know not what they do" for we get to understand exactly what that means... people do not know how to Love, they do not understand Heavenly Father, they keep putting their conditions on Him, creating Him in their image, making Him act as they do, we smile because we understand , in understanding we can forgive, and we can love them no matter what… we may not like what they do...yet we know that their acts of anger, is the outcry for Love, their acts of violence is the misunderstanding of love and feeling of unworthiness, seeking and taking the understanding of humanity ... which is violent, judgmental, destructive, when their way is not accepted... when they want something... when they want to control ... when they want to be right about their beliefs whatever they are... We understand, we forgive, we send them love, hoping that the love we send will be felt, and the love, that in Mass is sent, will soften the hearts ...one by one ...and in mass... the misunderstanding will be shifted to LOVE, To LOVE OF ALL I send you all LOVE

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