We are Vibratory Beings


Have you ever thought that by feeling Love and sending it out that you can heal the planet? Did you know that Love Frequency/Vibration has been proved scientifically? Imagine what mass focus on Love can do for the ills of our planet?

We are ALL LOVE, but many, have forgotten and are not spreading love, getting caught up in the energy/frequency/vibration of fear. That is circling the planet, This energy is being spread by all of us, due to our habits of fear and focus on what is wrong rather than counting our blessings.

What I am speaking to is that all of us must remember and be conscious of LOVE ... each one touching one... hoping that that Love Vibration touches the world...changes the world, one heart at a time... And in this Conscious awareness of Love we can truly change the world, we need mass Love Awareness.

Many are listening to the Anger and Fear Voice and are One in this, look at the world, we see the song and vibration that is being spread,

I was talking with a friend the other day when I realized that energy is none ending. The energy that has circled the earth like a cloud of debris, polluting our emotions, since time began, is FEAR. This energy has slowly been dissipating as we evolve in love on the planet, for it is easy to see how much love is being expressed around the planet, not only to humanity as we reach out to help one another, but also in all kingdoms, that live on our Mother Earth.

We are loving the Animal Kingdom, the Plant, Mineral, Insects, all … we are having a genuine love for Creation. You can see it is also cross linking through species, I love YouTube videos where you see Animals loving each other, Cats loving Dogs, Deer loving dogs, Lions loving Man, it is unlimited the Love Vibration that is crossing all species… maybe no one has noticed but I have seen it, how innocent seals swim up to boats and play with the people. Love is truly in the air.

This is the Love Vibration being spread from the heart and this energy is touching all.

I feel that with our conscious effort to truly FEEL LOVE and sending it out across the planet any time we FEEL IT we will be cleaning that energy cloud of fear (anger, violence, judgement, and all its dark cousins) which has infected humanity and the world since time began.

We can heal the planet, and change hearts with conscious effort of LOVE.

I see the cloud becoming a wonderful clean Light of Love and we can do it.

My intention is for as many as we can to volunteer to BE LOVE, FOCUS ON LOVE, LETTING THAT LOVE VIBRATION CIRCLE THE WORLD and become contagious where the voice of fear, anger, resentment, discord will finally melt away... to the song of LOVE ...IN MASS WE CAN HEAL THE WORLD.. CHOICE

I believe when we complain about the issues of the world, when we fear, focus, complain about things we cannot change, we are adding to the poison vibration…

Let each one walk love in action, thought and uplifting vibrations, becoming strong in love. Let us be ONE in LOVE, awakening the walking sleep who are on auto pilot of fear...

Please watch the videos of scientific truth of the Frequency of Love and research done, please look at the videos of Joy I have posted.

We are Vibratory Beings