The Now of Love


I am always enjoying the process of learning, one way that I receive most of my profound messages  is while washing dishes, believe it or not. What a perfect time to reflect and receive, in the smooth nothingness of the moving meditation that  I have while observing nature from my window and contemplating ideas and life itself.

So today

I received this

The message is about Love. We get it all the time , we know we are to love, we live love, the best we can, but what happens is that we get disappointed and we put walls.

The message made me feel so good.

I am feeling so happy now,

I feel so much love now, for I am in my NOW, with me, with God/Love. I now realize that the pain that I created was the fear of lose, what I just got is there is no lose, there is change, there is growth.

 The growth: release that which I love, do not cling in fear of loss …. trust God will create and give only LOVE, it is me who is creating the rest, the unhappiness, the fears, the doubts, the worry.  It is me who creates my pain ….Yes, washing dishes and I stopped everything to write this …for I did not want to loose it.


So while I was writing the above, this came to me while I was half way writing, I allowed what came below to be written for it came from a Higher Place. It is pure as I received it, below is what came. Enjoy.


To be happy in the Now is to accept what is in the Now,  to accept the love you have now,  to love yourself as you are in that now,  be happy , be grateful.  Be happy for the love you have in yourself and that which you feel for yourself and in that you will always be happy.


Keep all eyes open and ears open to that which is all around in that awareness you can be happy always.


The fear created in projecting the future and fear of losing that what is experienced now, should never be part of your system as you look at this, you will see it is this fear that has kept all from their happiness, for the happiness in the now stays and it is always there, it is a magnet, it draws more to you, as in fear that which you fear grows like a weed and it grows also it magnetizes. It grows, if you are not aware that it is growing, that is why one must keep their focus on LOVE.


Love will free you, and as you focus on this Love, the way and guidance will be shown.

Hence keep your moments full of Love of Self and the connection with the Divine, the Love that is all around and present in all things, not just that which is human form for the Creator of all has placed that Love in all, and when one is connected with Love, one is rewarded with more.


So in this know that the angers and fears will be eliminated and Love will fill that space when you consciously become aware of it, you keep it from forming again

Such it is

So be it