Happiness Counselor


“you make people see God and how to feel His love and what love is really all about. You make people find their confused self… that it’s all about love and by loving unconditionally and letting God do the work more blessings and miracles come to their life. I saying this now but I’ve forgotten how it was.”

This is what I have always wanted to do, so guess I am walking my path… this feels so good to hear that what i share with people stick, and when they need me again they come for the next step, and also to remember the last, for the amnesia had set in …. as she says in the end, because this is when i asked her to tell me what i did for people in her experience of me, since I had not seen her since 04, she says this because before she wrote me about being a “happiness counsellor” she had forgotten this … I am GRATEFUL and feel my batteries are charged again.