On the Journey of Life

Journey of LIFE

With the News and all the negative world events it is difficult to stay balanced.  I have found myself really off lately mostly because I have focused on the wrong things.

I cannot change the world events, nor can I change who people have voted for, I can do my best to choose a leader who I believe will move us in a positive direction as in Love, Peace, Balance as a world leader, however I cannot let the choices of others and my fears get in the way of my well being and for those I love, and the world. My being in Present Moment Now in Love Vibration is the best I can do for all… it begins with me, and all of us in our every moment Now Thoughts and Actions.

What I can do, is be the best person I can be, share my views with Love, without judgement or anger towards another who has a different view.  By reacting in anger and judgement I add to that which is negative in the energy of the planet.  I CAN however send everyone I know and the planet Loving Prayer and Healing Light.  I can be a nucleus of Love in my life by being Love and acting Love in all I do.  The Change begins with me.

So in this Moment Now of Love I take a deep breath of LIFE and I fill myself with LOVE and walk in Love in all I do, being aware of myself which is all anyone can do and sharing that which fills me.  Connecting with the Divine Source of LOVE …


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