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Now more than ever we must remember that there is no power greater than the power of love. We are in a time of extreme fear and emotions on all levels of our being. These emotions are due to the changes on the planet which we are aware of coming to us from news of world events, violence and pain, wars, which are manmade. Then there are the natural events occurring worldwide such as extreme weather and violent earthquakes.

All causing emotional feelings heighten fear

In this time we need to hold on to love, the Power of Love. By standing strong in the love from within each of us, living and sharing with others, we can lighten our hearts while the things we cannot change are happening on the planet.

I received in an email the other day that confirmed what I believe and live, we must make a choice. We must make a choice in our daily lives to live, to honor only Love in ourselves and everyone. Loving ourselves and those around us and giving unconditional love no matter what. No matter how much pain we are in, no matter what challenges we have, we must choose the energy of love in our daily lives for ourselves and others.

This may be a difficult order, for the knowing of how to live love is not fully anchored into our being, however, know this, all that is required is the effort and the willingness to let go of old patterns of judgment and fear. To make the effort to live and honor love, this effort will bear fruit, lives will change for the positive with every small step taken in love.

In this email there was a channeled message from a spiritual group called Q’uo. In their words “We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. His service we are proud to call our own.”

They, in their explanation of our life’s choices gave this…

One of the reasons that we encourage entities not to focus upon the negative possibilities involved in global times of shift into the next age is because that which one focuses upon becomes far more potentially possible. If entities all focus upon fear-based information, that will actually greatly help bring about the feared conditions.…..We simply ask each to choose which thread of meaning andenergy to follow: that thread and energy of fear which would guard and protect and make safe and deal with third density concerns or that energy of unconditional love, faith, hope and the desire to serve which translates into a prayerful and confident feeling that all is well and that all will be well. Which energy feels like the one that each of you wishes to choose? “

I have for years been teaching and living a truth that says to LOVE NO MATTER WHAT. As the global events have been focused on fear I have more so taken myself away from that which honorand spreads fear. I do not listen to negative fearful conversations, nor do I allow myself to get emotional about negative events. I do not allow myself to stay in fear too long. I am human and I do feel fear and react to the negative news that we are bombarded with daily at every turn. It is hard to not see or feel the negativityof what is happening in the world.

When reading or watching the news, instead of complaining and adding to the energy of world conflict with fear and judgement, we should send healing prayers and love to that area. It would be better sending and visualizing healing light surrounding the planet and all creation.

It is better to be in gratitude and love, sending love to all and being a light for all. If we would practice positive energy our energy would touch others.

Have you ever walked into a room where you felt uncomfortable? Have you ever walked in to a room where you felt the energy so good you did not want to leave? This is how our energy fills spaces. This is why it is so important that we choose how we are being, for it truly touches others.

In this time judgment should be eliminated and forgiveness put in its place. How does one forgive? By looking and understanding situations. Understanding that in every age, every time, every culture actions based on fear and control are done. Trying to understand will help in forgiving. Sending love to that in which we judge helps us, and those effected.

Know that there is an energy that those we are judging feels and it magnifies that which we judge, also know within yourself when someone judges you how you react, so imagine how that energy affects each and everyone of us, even when we do not know this energy has an effect on our lives.

We can heal the world one heart, one action at a time. Let us be a thread of love weaving the world with Love Light.

Let us touch one another and be the light that heals in our everyday life. Let love, laughter, joy of being be our mantra. Let us not be so serious in our spirituality, being rigid in our worship and actions. Let us be joyful in our moments of life and worship. Let this joyful love pass through us to each one we pass, touch or speak to.

Know that this love will pass though us and even touch all of creation that we are one with.

Let us weave the thread of love

We should dissolve the principle of fear in all our lives and not allow this energy to drain our being nor the planet any longer. Through love, let us transmute it, change it and erase it. Know that light shining bright cleans and removes the shadow in every corner. Do not allow this energy to be fed any longer, cut it off. Delete it. Don’t allow it to have any more of your time or energy. Let not fear be your guide any longer. Let love be your guide, do things out of love. Stop letting fear guide your direction.

Let love be your guide, do what you love. Joy, prosperity and happiness will be your gift. Let your happiness be a healing, not only to you but to the many. Let the vibration of love flows through all you do. This small action will do greater deeds than you can imagine, one heart touching another, weaving Love.

Now is the time, more than ever, for you to make your choice to be the thread of love or be the thread of fear. Be the Love Weaver we have had enough fear.

Let us change the energy of the planet, it is time.


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