Celebrate Your Body

How wonderful our body is. Have you loved your body today? Have you said thank you to your body for being with you through thick and thin? Do you take your body for granted? If you have not no wonderer the body slows down, shows pain creates age. The body wants to celebrate and you are boring it to death.

Celebrate with your Body

Try this for a change, have a Joyful Celebration in the body, with the body. The body is not just cloth that is to be discarded, it is conscious, alive and only creates disease because the body it not being loved, honored and respected, the body is being used as a vehicle that one keeps to clean, to show. Most are keeping it healthy only to be able to use it on earthly journey. Expecting it to be discarded, no wonder the body shuts down and cries in pain.

The body is a universe

The body is a universe, a conscious universe, that through boredom and neglect. Even if one feeds it the “right things” do the “right things” the body shuts down when it is not being loved cherished and honored. Point of reference, the runner who drops with a heart attack who has done all the “right things” and still drops, the person who eats all the right foods out of fear, and takes the right vitamins and still looks like they are unhealthy, although they speak the most flowing words of truth, they sometime look as if they are one foot in the grave. Why? The body is not being loved, and is not feeling joy, not being joyfully used, no wonder the body cries and it is shouting in pain and shutting down.

I know I know you are saying I am celebrating, I live on Maui, I have the most wonderful sunsets in the world, I have the most wonderful Ohana, I am celebrating.

If you are complaining

Yes, Yes to all of that. However, if  you are complaining, focusing on what is wrong, judging, everything and everyone, criticizing and constantly telling yourself things like i am in pain, I am tired, I use to be able to, and eating just to eat, If you are doing less, fearing more and you find that you are closing yourself in more, you are not celebrating life. When you wake up in the morning and hear the birds singing, taking that first breath in awareness, are your thoughts on gratitude? Do you wake up in pain? Did you touch that part of your body that cried for love and criticize it, or think i am in pain, or did you send love to that pain, did you touch that pain and tell your body you loved it.

My Journey

This is my journey. When I was divorcing and lived alone in my studio. There was a time when I woke up in pain and felt so much pain all over my body. I then became aware of my body and realized she was complaining to me. I went into a meditation and I felt her love, I had an inner knowing that I had neglected her and had forgotten to live, had forgotten to rejoice and I made a promise to her that I would start living start rejoicing. I knew she was upset because I had stopped dancing, dancing is my greatest pleasure, my greatest joy and we(my body and I) had had many moments of great Joyful Celebration. From that moment on we began our journey of self love and celebration, slowly but surely for I had forgotten how to play. She constantly reminds me when I break my promise and we then begin to play. My every moment now becomes that of so much LIFE that sometimes I have to stand back in awe and wonder.


The Dance of Love

Consciousness expresses itself through creation.  This world we live in is the Dance of the Creator.  Dancers come and go in the twinkling of the eye but the Dance lives on.

On many occasions when I am dancing I have felt touched by something sacred.  In those moments I have felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exist.

I become the Stars and the Moon. 

I become the Lover the Beloved.

I become the Victor and the Vanquished

I become the Master and the Slave

I become the Singer and the Song

I become the Knower and the Known

I keep on dancing then it is the Eternal Dance of Creation,   the Creator and the Creation merge into one wholeness of joy.  I keep on dancing…. and dancing … and dancing , until there is only the Dance.


Michael Jackson


These words that Michael wrote I found in 1990 while reading his CD cover. I wrote them on a piece of paper and kept them, for never had I read such a clear explanation to how I feel when I dance when I become One with the music and all that is…


Such joy I feel when I dance when I feel so blessed that I can dance, that my body moves effortless to the rhythm with my heart. I bless my legs, my feet my toes, my full being and then I laugh with joy and feel so much love as I rejoice with my body as we enjoy the music and movement.

Many a night when alone I turn on the music and I laugh with my body as we enjoy the movement of the love expressed … even as I write this I take the breath of Love inhaling the joy of remembrance when I danced the dance of Love with myself… moving effortlessly around the room my partner the chairs, the pillow, being the music and the universe, flowing effortlessly, moving hands, hair, head , arms all finding their sound …

and we laugh…

yes we laugh for we are in total joy and there is no one there …

yet everyone is there…

the Universe is there and we have a party …

ah the music is loud …


The vibration flows through me I breath in this wondrous rhythm Uhm…. Yes!… and the rhythm is gypsy, the rhyme is drums of Africa, the rhythm is Rimsky Korsakov, Gershwin, and more… what ever my heart desires in the moment…. Yes it is movement of the ages …

I revel in and rejoice in that I can move to any music… I am limitless and all is total Joy …that cannot be measured … total Love …  and Gratitude beyond words…

And my dear friends and family I just wanted to share with you in words yet the words cannot express the Dance and yes the Music and how it flows through me… and the movement I desire upon hearing it.  For the two go together


Yes there are times when the Music is the wind in the trees, the birds singing, Sunshine and the Clouds… Moon light and Stars  where when my heart feels I lift up my arms and I turn and I dance to the music only my heart can hear and must be expressed …

Yes in Dance …

and I exhale…

and breath in Love

for Love is being expressed fully in the movement that is Joy,

is Prayer of the ages,

is Sensual,

is Life

celebrating ladies




Watch what you are thinking, they change your mood so by being aware you are able to change how your life will express itself, what you think will create what you feel, what you feel truly effects what you create more than anything


What you are feeling is even stronger than what you are thinking for it creates your actions and thoughts, which if continued can bring you to positive place or a place of depression,

Like planting seeds it will grow if you are unaware and before you know it you have created disease (dis-ease of spirit) and many self defeating (self destructive ) actions ….


This take conscious awareness, many times we find ourselves  choosing to be happy, then a button is pushed, we must be conscious enough to face it clear it and move forward into Happiness and Gratitude…FOCUSING ON THAT WHICH IS WONDERFUL… this is important we all have wonderful things happening but if one focuses on only that which is wrong or challenging you get to have more of the same,

SO FOCUS ON the Blessings they alone will bring you JOY IN THE GRATITUDE even if in that moment all you have to be grateful for ( and sometimes we work ourselves into that corner) is waking up in the morning

Start there



In the process of being AWARE and CHOOSING you will find certain things cause you stress, let go of it, negative conversations, walk away from them, negative mind talk, let go of it, hair styles that don’t suit you, change it, old cloths, let go get new ones, people who want to dwell on judging you and putting you down, speak to them in love that this does not serve you and walk away, in conversation if it brings you down, walk away… this is short but you get the idea …choose things that uplift, LET GO OF WHAT BRINGS YOUR MIND, HEART AND ACTIONS DOWN…


Stop dwelling on the past pains of your life, if you dwell you are fertilizing them and keeping them in your life.

Use the past only to teach and share, do not allow the past to become an emotional pull …it really keeps you back.

Use only the positive thoughts of past in times of emergency to uplift you … meaning only use positive thoughts to keep you up… toss the negative …they are good teachers for others, but not to be pulled back in the NOW …to be felt


When you are feeling GREAT and by chance you are unaware that you have picked up a negative emotion or seed, and it starts growing due to thoughts of the emotions, your happiness slowly attracts negative and of course you think on it and seek to cure it or fix it, and focus on it and more and more … then one day you are in THE VALLEY OF WHY? AND WHAT HAPPEN?

Once you go into the valley of “Why ? What Happen?” you continue to go around and around in your thoughts that keep the negative around and also fertilizes the weeds that have been planted in your garden, you know when you allow a negative thought and feeling to grow it grows seeds and becomes sensor and stronger, also by you being in that valley you also get to pass it on, for you carry those seeds.

If you are feeling low, even when you put on a happy face mask, your energy has that feeling and it touches others, if they are in that valley  they also plant it,

So when you are feeling good and you smile a sincere smile it touches someone and they feel great, they pass it on

When you are angry and you express that anger to someone …they pass it on… and so forth


Love Life, Embrace Life, Celebrate Living… in every moment… DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED…


When you look at creation … really feel it, get close to it, so much healing and Gratitude in Love of Creation… it is LIFE


Love your job, your home, your talents (take self assessments often pat yourself on the back) love your work for it is service, in work you are earning a living, and you are serving others it is wonderful to be part of serving and part of creation


Feel JOY, Feel GRATITUDE… feel, feel, feel all the positive that you can feel and AND BREATH, take a breath of LOVE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN many people do not know how to feel, so think of something in the past, a kitten, a good feeling … and bring back good feelings…if you have become numb… also practice good feelings by watching good feeling movies and showes, listen to music that makes you feel good, FEEL GOOD !!!!! FEEL


LET GO OF NEGATIVE FEELINGS however always look at them to see if they are repeating … walk away and they will stop repeating …since most of them are self addicted coming from an attraction of negative feelings, as in a person who will always find a friend or partner who abuses or brings their self esteem down, a pattern of their unconscious youth…

Yeap we are complicated, but it really becomes easy when you CHOOSE POSITIVE AND WHEN YOU BECOME AWARE and stop AUTO PILOT..

Then you can see… what program you are running in your life and stop the addictions to self abuse


Starting New


Everyday is a New Day. No matter how it starts it is New Beginnings!

We have the opportunity each day to start all over.  Each breath a new breath, a thought is new, the sun shining is new.

We have the opportunity to start all over in our life each new day.  Some days we do not wake up feeling great, we may feel sluggish and heavy in emotions.  What does one do?

Be aware of how you are feeling.

Be Grateful for a New Day

Breath in fresh air and be Grateful for being ALIVE

Be aware of yourself and creation. The sounds of Life that surrounds you.

It never fails that an attitude of Gratitude will assist in your creation of a wonderful day. 

And from that point of gratitude you can’t help but have a wonderful day, everything you see, hear, feel has different meaning.