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A True Cinderella Story a story of of finding love in Self and being Happy

My story, it is said, is a true Cinderella Story, minus the Prince and glass slippers.  My story is about finding love and by making right choices finding magical life of love taking me all over the globe. That love is not romantic love, that love is Love of a Higher source.  That love is the love that is in us all and was not taught to me, I discovered it and kept my eyes on that Light as it directed me to a better life.  I wrote about this in my book Choices to Love.  It is really an introduction to my life, for I did not put every detail, that book is to come.

After writing my book in 2010 an article was written about me.  I am sharing with you now Choices to Love… a true life Cinderella story

I feel my story will help many people who have grown up with out love, and support from family and community.  My story also is survival of abuses that many watch on Talk shows, a survival in a world where of racism, and sexual abuse, in family and community. A story of also removing my self from dysfunctional family and community moving into a world of LOVE by making positive choices and learning to listen to my higher inner voice, which moved me step by step to a life of Wonderment.

This is the beginning of many books to come, which will go deeper into the drama and pain of my life.  I am sharing with you to prepare you for the books to come.

As always I share with you, to always choose LOVE, for yourself and all creation.  We all have Cinderella Stories, this is just mine.


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