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How do we help ourselves and the world with positive thinking

A mother peels potatoes
retouched_Sonny Fabbri

Being happy continuously is truly a problem. I always get upset with myself after having a great day or two of happiness, then going into heaviness. It does not help that the news, and worldly issues seem to be getting more serious everyday.

We live in times like never before. There seems to be no place to emotionally feel safe.  There is fear of war, weather, crime, kids shooting each other, violence like never seen, or is that so.

Every age there has been crime, weather, atrocities. In the 30’s there was the Depression, and Gang War, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Machine guns, shootings in the street of what we call the good old days.

Then the World War started first in Europe then it spread through Africa and Mid East compounded by Japan attaching Pearl Harbor, Imagine the Terror felt at that time.

It is very difficult to be happy when everyone is feeling the fear within the air, compounded by our own issues.

I have come upon a way to maintain a since of well being and happiness during all the issues and at same time to keep my own self and home happy.  Our Body and our Home is our Temple, very sacred place. How do we keep it happy.

 Now is the time to become more connected with Higher Power, with Love than ever.

Now is the time when we are seeing the news, reading the news, talking with others about the problems that exist in the world, rather than adapt helpless and fearful attitude, it would be higher solution to take action to send healing loving energy to those areas that are in need.

In my previous blog, We are Vibrational Beings, there are two wonderful videos showing scientific studies  how our Loving Vibration effects our life and others. Sending Love, Prayers and thinking Positive thoughts, DOES HELP ASSIST IN CHANGING NEGATIVE SITUATIONS.

Our thoughts, loving or fearful, does effect our life, others and the world, Our fearful thoughts ADD TO THE fear of what is circulating the planet.  My feelings are to add loving thoughts, our negative thoughts do not help in anyway, our negative thinking only adds to the darkness that is circling the planet.

How do we keep ourselves positive

Keeping ourselves positive during these times can be very difficult because we are feeling the conditions of the world compounded to our own issues.

For myself I found myself feeling very heavy and listless unable at times to even focus on my work or personal issues. In reflection of what was happening I came upon my own guidance from past writings which fit perfectly and applying these practices to my life, I have been able to feel, even in these heavy days, a sense of well being.

Here is what I did in simple form

  • Starting each day with gratitude, starting with smallest reason, which is the greatest, waking up in the morning, breathing, hearing, seeing
  • Before getting out of bed I deep breath this gratitude, breathing in LOVE, exhaling LOVE until i feel the Love inside me or a sense of well being
  • Becoming aware of what I am feeling at all times, being in Awareness and NOT on AUTO PILOT. I am even aware of brushing my teeth and loving what I am doing
  • Loving what I am doing turning the doing into Being by feeling what I am doing with Love
  • Whenever I get stirred or off track in wandering thoughts that are negative, I let them go, take a deep breath and bring myself to the present moment of Gratitude
  • I am grateful for all I do
  • I send Love to those in need and to the World as often as I think or Feel situations
  • I recognize that there are many issues in the world I cannot help and by my focusing on them in a negative way does not help me or anyone else…
  • I stay in Awareness in Gratitude even for the challenges for over coming is a gift that I will share with others as time arrives for me to do so

These are the things I have been doing consistently for weeks and I have found a greater feeling of well being and peace in my life which has made me a happier person able to laugh again.

I cannot change the world conditions any other way than to Pray for all negative conditions to be corrected, and everyone learn their lessons and develop Gratitude and Love, letting the energy of Love circle the planet erasing the negative stain of fear. If we all, if each one of us practice this, I believe we can Heal the World with the Light of LOVE




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