Celebrating LIFE when it doesn’t feel like a Celebration


We have all been exposed to such intense emotionally effective NEWS these days.

The news touching us on all sides of our lives, touching our spiritual reality, our physical reality, our childhood fears, our adult fears, our feelings of being SAFE has really been challenged.

This fear adds to what we are feeling from our fellow man and our faith.

The weather around the world, the senseless deaths caused by fanatics, the senseless death caused by those who are to serve us and protect us, government making decisions that make you fear greater wars and misery coming.

Yes all of this touches our core.  How does one CELEBRATE, feel LOVE, REJOICE, when all of this is happening. I say CELEBRATE THE MOMENT, CELEBRATE LIFE, CELEBRATE THAT ALL OF THIS MADNESS WILL ONE DAY BE HISTORY.

Celebrate by reading history, by seeing that all the craziness that has been the past has passed…and better days have come.

How to Celebrate? Celebrate the moments of Love. Be Grateful for your Life and your family’s life, Be grateful for the breath you breath, do not take anything for granted, fill your thought’s with joyful thoughts, fix what you can fix, and let go what cannot be fixed, give it to the HIGHER POWER… as in the Serenity Prayer, taking the wisdom to fix what you can, and release what you cannot.  By fearing what is not real and present in your life, only gives power to make you weak and not able to see your way through your own challenges.  By keeping yourself clear of that which is not for your attention … you keep yourself aware and clear to change what is important to you NOW… LIKE BEING A WONDERFUL MOTHER, FATHER, FRIEND, COWORKER, AND A FRIEND TO YOURSELF … able to deal with what is in front of you and moving forward with LOVE, HOPE and ENTHUSIASM FOR YOUR FUTURE AND EVERYONE ELSES… LEAVING THE DARK THOUGHTS BEHIND


celebrating ladies


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