Storms of Life


Storms come and go, We are blessed even if we do not acknowledge it, for every storm is a Cleansing. The storms in our life and the storms of nature. If we only have eyes to see and the heart to understand one would see how beautiful and clean everything is after the cleansing of nature. Yes things sometimes get over turned yet if we really knew how important it is, nutrients being spread, leaves cleaned, natures movement, even the lightning balances the earth when it strikes the ground (scientific data shows this) the burned charcoal of a burned forest fire, set by nature, has been proven to purify the earth and then the forest so that the new grows stronger, the burnt wood now charcoal, cleansing.

When we have a personal storm in our life, when we have an emotional upheaval, after a while when we look at our life, we will see that that personal storm was a good thing, causing a change in our self in some way. Now if we are in awareness and see it with loving eyes we will see that we have been moved to a change that will benefit IF WE ALLOW… if we go back to old patterns that caused the upheaval, we will create another storm with simular lessons… if we learn and are grateful we walk away clean and ready for the next step of love, Rather than sitting in a broken home feeling like a victim, we see the damage and start moving to a positive change, either moving from the house / situation or re modelling… turning the damage into a true gift of joy rather than lamentation…


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