I am siting by the river drinking my cup of Coffee, the birds are singing, light breeze blowing.

In my life I have thought of happiness, and Peace. Today I know what peace, and contentment means. It is a feeling deep within, so deep that to change it pulls me to discomfort.

I have always laughed within at people who wanted to move to the country away from the city. Here I am away from everything and everyone, no motor cycles or sounds, other than the beauty of nature, the songs of the birds, the running of the gentle river. A thickness in the air, like the air is hugging me.  I feel the embrace of Love as I breath, I feel the breath of Love as the gentle breeze passes my face.  I am sitting in Love.

So quiet it is that the sounds of voices seem to be more quiet, the few that speak seem to not want to disturb the beauty of this natural energy of Love.

Maybe I was born to be a recluse, for I feel peace beyond my imagination. This is a feeling a Great feeling Love and Peace filling me.  I am grateful for this moment of Love


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  1. THANK YOU for your complement. I really worked hard on this site, an act of Love to express Love.
    Blessings to you

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