I truly believe with all my heart that we as human beings are born with the in bred knowing of Love.  I believe that we have in us a desire to love, to be loved, and to bring good to our environment.   We are seeking how to love and in that seeking we are drawn to many teachings and ways.  We are always seeking love.  We are seeking love as we seek our daily bread, as we seek to improve our lives and the way we live it.

We have sought to change the quality of how we live, the way we work, the way we do our work, the inventions to improve or decrease work.  So it is we have naturally watched and improved our human relationships and our ability to love has increased as our struggle for survival has become less an issue in our growth in time.

I believe that the reason that it has taken so long to truly bring love on the planet and the peace, joy and happiness that is the promise of that love, is because we have been trained to fear, to judge, to separate.

The separation is what makes it difficult on the planet.  I believe we are one family,  that we have evolved from one seed.  Science has proved it and continues to prove the relationship we have to each other.  For some reason as we migrated on this beautiful planet, and as the harsh realities that we had to face as beings on a planet with harsh environments, groups formed for survival.

I believe that in the beginning there was also differences in growth, knowledge and understanding, which again began the separations, people choosing to follow the strongest leader, forming small tribes.   Each migration began new separations.

So it was in the beginning the separations were caused by the need to survive.  Later the separations became that of greed and power.

In all of these separations I also believe that there has been a spiritual core in all the growth.  And that core had a leader, the leader of the spiritual teaching usually also had a strong connection with higher powers.

The leader of religion always bonded with the leader of the group. AS beginning people we began by following the group, it was necessary for survival.

The leaders and the spiritual leaders (at the beginning shamans) either taught the people that their word was from God and that if they did not follow their lead they would be punished.

People were punished or killed and in the fear of this, people surrendered to the belief of the leaders.  Blindly following out of fear and respect, for we were a people who respected the power of the leader, what he said goes.  You see this in animals.  The strongest male in the group becomes the leader, in the beginning we were just a little above animals in who we were.

Yet again I say I believe that love has always been who we are.  That love was strong in these communities, but not as strong as fear.  For if the leader or the shaman would say that the gods or spirits required the sacrifice of their children or themselves, fear won and many an innocent soul has been lost accepting the lead of the leader in fear.

Due to our fear programming many times fear wins over the love program.  Maybe due to the beginnings of our life also fear was our protection, fear let us know when we were in danger and the planet being young there was much danger.

So fear began to be the loudest program that ruled the emotions of humanity, fear and all its children;  doubt, hate, judgment, battle, or even running away from a challenge rather than facing it.

 Love is patient, fear impatient, fear reacts to destroy or control, Love seeks to understand and bring harmony.

As time grew man evolved from using sticks as tools to todays easier times.   As we grew in love and knowledge we have also grown to the ability to re connect with other tribes and communities.

Slowly, very slowly have the family reunions started to accept each other.   The acceptance of each other usually comes with judgments first. Yet slowly the qualities of the new comer is accepted and the new family member usually adds to the growth and good for all.

Today all the families of man have come together, families are getting to know each other and adding to the growth of the world community.

The natural re uniting has come and the learning to love each other.   Yet the separations still remain.  Still the survival urge is still there, the urge usually carries with it the desire to horde to hold it all for self, the fear of lack is still very strong in conscious memory from all those years of struggle still lingers in each one of us an instinct to survive.

With the lessons of time each group or family has had their time in the light of intellectual and spiritual growth.

Starting in Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia, maybe older civilizations we do not know of because of the ravages of the jungle and time.  Only the civilizations that built their homes and monuments in stone have left knowledge of their existence. History and knowledge moved on into the Middle East, India, China, Mediterranean Europe, and finally the Northern European countries or should I say the Northern Caucasian countries including Russia.  All have had their time in the light of Power with Education and major influence  on  world consciousness changes.

Each group had their time in the light, their time in power, their time where they excelled in growth and power.  As each groups energy dissipated or as they began to have the desire to have more, they would then move to the next in search of more land, riches, people to subjugate (people are power, for they are the hands that bring money to the leaders) As they touched these other groups so it was that they were influenced, each were influenced sharing the knowledge of the other.  Many an empire grew to conquer much of the world or pull more family members into the control of another.   Yet each one of those powerful groups energy soon burned out.   Before they burned  out they left their influence upon the lives of those they sought to control.

History  shows the injustices that each group suffered yet if one would look with another eye you will see that also each group that suffered served to evolve or assist in the evolution of man on this planet.  Each group became mass teachers and today we benefit from what they taught.

For example The Greeks influenced all they touched, Alexander while seeking to conquer was conquered by the beauty of those he sought to control, he not only influenced them, they influenced him.  The Romans may have conquered the Greeks but who really conquered who… the Romans then copied all that was Greek, from clothing to the Gods, they gave them different names but it was still Greek.  The Roman philosophers got their foundation from the Greeks many educated by the Greeks.

The Crusades wanting to destroy the infidel, a bloody battle that they did not win, but in the end they won in other ways, the dark ages ended and the Renaissance began for what they learned in their battles gave more to Europe for it took them from ignorance, to knowledge, the books of learning  and simple things like soap and cleanliness, for the European had superstitions about cleanliness, some of the peasants actually believed taking a bath bought disease, keeping their rooms closed thinking that air bought disease, not allowing sunlight into their homes and fresh air.

The Crusaders bought back with them much knowledge of health and healing from those they called “infidels”, for the Arab people were well learned in the skills of medicine and sciences, this and much more were bought back from the wars.

Around and around we go in time where we find that as people we are battling each other, at one time worst enemies and at another time best friends but in the connection with each other we gain, sad to say that in the history of this planet pain has been the teacher and yet much gain, through the spiritual evolution of the planet, with the growth of knowledge and acceptance life on the planet has gotten easier and easier, the fear gene has had less and less power, the love energy is now able to be felt more clearly.

I believe that much of the growth has come because of the spread of education and the releasing of superstition.  Getting to know others also has helped evolved, through the educational reading of books about others and also getting to meet them.

Granted we still have troubles in River City as the Music Man would say.  But all in all we are growing in Love.

In our Now we are no longer beings that need to live on fear, gone are the dangers where fear had to be the primary energy of the planet.  WE have evolved.  We are people who have grown in love.  We are people who have grown in knowledge.  We can each claim the power of love in our selves and be the voice of love.

We can make the choice to choose love over fear and we can change the world by seeking answers from the source of Love from within.  Moving from that place one by one with love changing the world.

We still have much work to do in spreading love, for on this planet there are still people who live strongly guided by the force of fear, in these areas it is easy to see, here we find mass murders,  we have villages moved to destroy others, due to the saying of one person, so in the power of love it is for those who know to send love to these areas of the world in prayer, thought, and finding ways to give them the opportunity to choose love also by giving them the opportunity to be educated so that they can make positive choices.  These choices will come from the place of knowing from deep within the power of love.  They will move to create not to destroy, to understand, forgive and finally love no matter what the differences.  Such is the power of love.

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