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Today I was called the Happiness Consultant again.  I have realized that that is apart of me and what I share, in my message of Love. I was called that before and actually wrote a blog about it Happiness Counselor, I have always noticed that when I work with people, counseling, doing numerology or just being a friend, that the benefits that are felt and experienced with the Love is a feeling of happiness. I sometimes say people are too serious in their life and spiritual journey, they limit their experience to thinking, meditating and deep conversations.  Thinking that to expand in their Spiritual Journey they need to have pain, and I have experienced this in my journey as well, especially when I take on the beliefs of others. I have sometimes experienced pain that has been long buried that comes up to knock me off my balance of Joy to bring me to a place of deep sorrow, when i go through these so called spiritual cleansing, it takes me so long to recover to my usual Light self... In my own growth and as I see the world and experience it, Life is to be filled with Joy, Gratitude, Laughter, and Celebration, this is the energy of Light and Love, Lightness of Being as I call it. Yes, we have challenges, however I feel many of the challenges are carried like weight bricks on our backs as we feel we need to decipher the meaning and root cause of any event in our life.  Digging up the past is usually where everyone goes. My belief is we are to Let Go and Let God ( or what ever Higher Power you feel close to ) Let go of the past heavy baggage you carry, and feel the freedom of a new day.  Let go of things you cannot change, or the pain of the past, for me the Pain of the Past is the fertilizer of the New Garden of your Life...as we know that all the garbage we collect when you are a gardener is fertilizer/compost ...fertile soil for New Healthy Garden... Toss those troubles into your compost pile, don't dig them up, let them go, start a new day... Today is a New Day, today is a New Year, every day is a NEW YEAR... for today is new, and it goes on and on, Being fully present in the NOW Moments of Love and being Grateful... Trust me you will be amazed at the Wonders you experience when you walk the Path of Pure Moment of Love... Many of us are not being present and aware of our moments, to be Happy requires being Present and Aware, choosing to be Happy, choosing to Let Go, choosing to be in the Moment of Love and Gratitude... Letting go of what cannot be changed in the NOW.  Working on Challenges that need attention now, taking responsibility and doing the best you can, this alone makes you happy, for you are doing the best you can, you are not judging yourself, you are loving yourself, Honoring who you are, see yourself and all you are. See your talents, see your gifts , every one has talents and gifts, if you cannot see them, start making a list of your qualities, and forgive yourself of the things you judge... Forgiveness and Honor alone will bring you happiness...in so you feel GRATITUDE Be Grateful for the smallest things, things you take for granted, start seeing them, feeling them, for example my greatest Gratitude is I WOKE UP THIS MORNING...simple... I can breath, I hear the birds singing, i can see, we take these for granted, we touch, we feel, we move... CELEBRATE these ... and walk forward in this and your life will surprise you... you will start to be Happy all the time... so Start now... take a Deep Breath.... Feel the Love that surrounds you... hear the birds singing...hear the cars... hey dont be critical... shoot you can hear it... get rid of the critical nature... cultivate the Gratitude nature... Blessings to you all on this Wonderful Day

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