The Gift of being in the Moment


In the moment there is peace, in the moment you can feel love, in the moment there is the answer to all your questions. In the stillness of the moment there lies your future.  For all that has transpired to that moment is the future and each step you take takes you closer to the future that is now.

Notice when you dwell too much on the future.  For all that has transpired to that moment is the future and each step you take takes you closer to the future that is now.

Notice when you dwell too much on the future or past events in your life how it effects you and your actions if you are detached from the future or the past it does not harm you it gives you fuel but most look upon the future and think of all that must be done and in that process gets overwhelming and never completes the task for it seems too difficult to achieve.

Getting overwhelmed

Notice how one gets overwhelmed with house work when one sees the whole task before they start they are tired.  One usually decides to do it tomorrow and puts it off until it becomes a major chore.  Or imagine if you were a pre med student and starting your first year of college you start to dwell on the work ahead the years you must spend to become the doctor  the time in classes the responsibility if one would dwell on the destiny some would never get there for the work ahead appears to be beyond ones achievements at the moment  or departure.  But if one does not look upon the work that one is about to do and does that which is required at the moment and puts entire energy upon the task before them the approaching goal becomes one of ease and pleasure, one without stress yet the required challenge is still there yet the pain is easier because there is clear focus to the event ahead.

To live in the moment is to have pure time focused on the intent to live in the now is to have harmony for the stress of worry is removed the time accelerated for one is not stressed.  Note when one is on a journey and one is not watching the time or watching the signs or focusing on how boring the trip is rather one is enjoying the scenes, enjoying the music not focusing on time and distance rather enjoying that which is before them.  When one des thins one finds that before you know it you are where you want to be.

This is to say be aware of where you are going watching the signs knowing the directions knowing the directions knowing the time y et letting it go so joy is allowed to come in rather than worry.  Know your destiny yet enjoy the ride.

The journey easier

The ride or journey becomes easier when you let love be your constant companion when you are on your way ever aware of the beauty before you ever aware of the music or company that is with you and you are in harmony with love and your purpose the journey becomes on of love rather than a boring waste of time tit is all in how you view a thing in to how it is in your life, is it a gift of love or a taste of bothersome chore.  The task must be done it is how you do it that adds to the quality of life and the gift there of.

Love is all around

For love is all around and in everything that you do has the gift of love if you are oblivious and blind to love of course you become unaware of the love that is all around you and with you ever thought the most mundane task that you embark upon to do the task ahead with love this to bring joy in your life for you not only serve man in your daily life through you task and harmony that you bring in the accomplishment of your goals you also bring love to yourself and your fellow man for work done with love is healing not only to you but to those that will one day experience you and that which you are.

So you see to live in the now is to have peace and to live in the now is to have love for the harmony that you bring to yourself you also bring to your fellow man in some way for you have given peace to yourself and in that when you approach another in peace that other one feels that peace and is blessed also.

Anything that is created in peace in love is also a gift of love to those that receive that product.  For there is a vibration an energy that goes into any product and if that product is created in apathy it creates a feeling of discontent for those who are in the presence of that product and if someone is unhappy in the moment and has many unhappy moment that moment grows with everyone that approaches that moment either in person or thing, an unhappy moment spreads to others that too have fearful ones and creates fearful ones and creates fearful unhappy states of being.  Such is the state of why it is so important to be in the moment to accept to love that is there and to mysteriously spread it around.

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